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Truck parked illegally at McDonalds so I tell the guy in the pics that the truck shouldn't be parked there. He started up by telling me to go back to my own country because I'm Mexican and am living off of him.

Then as I'm trying to pull around him, he, from the passenger seat puts the van in drive and hits my car. I go inside to find the driver who begins to yell at me. I am shaking right now. The guy who was the driver claims to be the owner.

I feel harassed and feel scared of the guy in the pic. Disgusting that you employ such trash.

Review about: Oceans6 Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I assume you immediately called the coppers, did you not?

to h.kitchener #1371049

Exactly, call the cops and place a report. Show them these pictures and it would help your case if you got the

jerks license plate. Also report this incident to the ***'s company.

But if refuse to call and report this, nobody can help you.

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